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  2. challenging the authenticity of what is written to encourage humans to stop our abhorrent and unholy barbarism to other beings, is like Christians challenging evolution while participating in the wanton destruction of Creation . Why challenge, simply uphold and encourage the message of mercy. The church up the street held a Blessing for Animals, reading a prayer for animals by Walter Rauschenbush that did sound similar to St. Basil’s prayer for animals. What matters to me is that the meaning is clear, and as an ethical vegan I subscribe to it, but that same church will serve animals at every supper it holds! We live in the age of absurdity where meaning is shallow, words are useless, and behaviors are debased and ghastly. If a fire and rescue department in my town, responsible for answering calls for fires and heart attacks, can hold a fund raiser pork dinner, completely ignorant and disconnected about factual evidence that animal ag GHG emissions are a huge threat to a drying, burning planet and that pig flesh contributes to the heart attacks they get calls on daily???? If a “church” can say a lovely prayer for animals then serve them???? What kind of species are we anyway? NO other species kills on the magnitude humans do and justify it with,”but animals kill in the wild” again, completely misrepresenting what animals really do, kill for food only and if their young are in danger. Humans are a figment of our own imagination . Our cruelty surpasses all others and religion is no different.

    • Thank you for your candour in your comment. I fully appreciate that there is a hopeless disconnect on the part of many Christians, and am keenly aware of the hypocrisy that you refer to with reference to a church being happy to have the prayers and then to offer a meal of meat. Why challenge? Its not a pettifogging about words or an arcane pursuit. There’s good reasons related to the past and present. Too many people manipulate evidence (or even invent) about past animal-friendly remarks. It does the movement of pro-animal causes little service to their credibility if we bear witness to a hoax or put forward false evidence to support our ethic and sentiment to act compassionately. The sentiment in Rauschenbusch’s prayer is valuable and needs to be acted on. So, there’s good reason to make sure that we don’t create a fiction about say St Basil and let him be who he was, and also to give credit to Rauschenbusch who wrote one of the prayers. I have had other writers in this field say “thanks” for calling people to take care in checking alleged quotes. I do uphold the message of mercy and urge others to do so, and I try to write on a broad front of topics to prompt people. I am not sure if by “religion is no different” you mean this in connection with “figment of imagination” or that religion is fostering cruelty (or perhaps both). I wish you well in your ethical endeavour and I trust you may respect my endeavours to likewise be ethical in my heartfelt concerns on the way non-human creatures are treated/maltreated. Blessings to you.

  3. Phillip, I was researching the symbolism of the goldfinch online and your blog entry, copyrighted 2012, came up in my search results. The entry was informative, engaging and thorough in detail. I quite enjoyed reading it and a few of the other entries of your blog. Thank you for providing the entry.

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