Support the Cat Protection Society (Sydney Australia)

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I want to urge my readers who live in Sydney Australia to do something on behalf of God’s creatures. What can you do? Support the Cat Protection Society, which is located at 103 Enmore Road, Newtown. Their website gives details on how you can lend practical assistance from volunteering time and donating funds.

Another vital step is to consider making a personal commitment to adopting a cat as your companion and for whom you accept the responsibility of being a good steward in caring for one of God’s creatures.

Recently, my wife addressed the Cat Protection Society on “Planning Ahead for Puss” (copy in pdf below), which explained the practical and legal steps that one can take on behalf of companion animals by making provision for their care in the event you lose capacity to care for yourself or in the event of your pet surviving your death. The key message was: estate planning is important so be prudent now and have a legal professional prepare these documents:

* Make a Will (so your wishes are carried out in the event of your death)

* Make a Power of Attorney (so your financial affairs are carried on by a trusted attorney if you lose your capacity to make decisions, which includes directions on what to do with your pets)

* Prepare an Advance Care Directive (concerning what decisions you want regarding your medical/health matters if you are unable to do so by being impaired/incapacitated).

Resources: NSW Trustee and Guardian “Pets and Your Will” and NSW Law Society “Your Pets and Your Will”

Planning Ahead for Puss

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