Church Services for Blessing Pets

The topic of Christian church services for the blessing of animals and domestic pets is discussed in a positive way in chapter nine of my new co-written book, Taboo Or To Do? Published by Darton Longman & Todd, 2016 (see pages 161-182). Find out more about the rest of the book see the blog (click here).

Scot McKnight’s Dialogue on Cross Is Not Enough

Some further dialogue about The Cross Is Not Enough is occurring via Scot McKnight’s Jesus Creed blogspot. The latest reflections revolve around chapter two. See Scot’s comments and the exchanges of his readers here. Also see the discussion on Scot’s blog about chapter three where we reframe the resurrection in apologetics (see here).

Some of our readers might also be amused to know that the “Grimecore Metal” band Hungry Like Rakovitz have completed an album called “The Cross Is Not Enough”. The harsh and confronting demo version of the album (uploaded in June 2012 half a year after our book was published) can be listened to on the web. The album has no connection at all to our book.

Animals Matter to God Update

Thanks to all who have stopped by the blog and read various posts, and to those who have felt prompted to comment. I am currently preoccupied writing a popular theological book about animals, which has led to having a few half-drafted blog-posts held in literary “limbo”. Fresh posts will resume soon.  Blessings.