A Faith Embracing All Creatures

A FAITH EMBRACING ALL CREATURES, edited by Tripp York and Andy Alexis-Baker (Eugene, Oregon: Cascade Books 2012). This book, which was released just at the end of 2012, represents a handsome attempt by a variety of authors to address some biblical and theological questions concerning the role and status of non-human creatures. I am pleased to extend an endorsement to the editors, authors and publisher for bringing this book into print.

While I do not agree with every viewpoint expressed in the book, I believe that this text has an important place in the growing corpus of theological works addressing “animal theology”.  The book comprises fourteen chapters with contributions from some theologians and other scholars of repute in the field of animal theology including Carol J. Adams, Laura Hobgood-Oster, Stephen H. Webb, David Clough, John Berkman, Stephen R. L. Clark, and emerging voices such as the book’s co-editors. I will conduct a chapter-by-chapter review of this book in subsequent and sequential blog-posts.